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As one of the leading local tarmac driveway contractors in the Highlands, we have an extensive portfolio of work we have carried out in and around Tain, Dornoch, Invergordon, Alness, Dingwall, Muir of Ord, Beauly and Inverness. We believe our standards of workmanship are among the highest in the Highlands and our rates are extremely competitive. As part of the services Struan’s Landscaping & Groundworks offer, carrying out groundworks and tarmacking driveways are one of our specialities!

A driveway is the main focal point of any property, and with over a decade of experience, our team will guarantee a well-built, supremely attractive driveway with a smooth tarmacadam finish. No job is too large or too difficult. We have undertaken everything from small domestic driveways to children’s play areas, car parks, access road, paths and walkways.

If you are thinking of having work done around your home or property, it is extremely important to choose a business who can offer you the critical factors to ensure your driveway will be carried out to the highest possible standard because when it comes to building driveways, experience always leads to better results and when it comes to asphalt and tarmac laying, experience is essential! Sadly, over the years, unreliable contractors promising fast turnaround times and “bargain” prices have compromised the reputation of our industry. While “here today, gone tomorrow businesses” can offer so called discounts of up to 30%, they are only able to achieve this by cutting corners, and a year after they have laid your driveway, weeds start growing through and your tarmac surface starts to break up, while they are long gone and never to be seen again.
With over a decade of experience we have gained a wealth of knowledge in installing tarmac driveways and surfaces, and we will be happy to provide you with advice on design and finishing options as there is an array of decorative edgings available if you require them. We are fully equipped to undertake all tarmac surfacing works, catering for residential homes and commercial projects. Tarmac is one of the most popular finishes for driveways today, due to its longevity and lifetime cost savings.

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At Struan’s Landscaping & Groundworks we use only the highest quality tarmacadam materials and latest machinery so that all our customers receive the highest end results. We ensure all our tarmac surfaces are durable, robust and smooth to provide many years of consistent use without sinking or breaking up. All the groundworks are completed ensuring we protect the surrounding areas, such as shrubberies or the surrounding property’s from any untidiness or damage.
All the tarmac and lock block paving driveways and surfaces we install are visually attractive with strong supporting groundwork and drainage structures as well as a professional finish, which will ensure our customers get many years of usage of their much admired tarmac driveway.

At the start of every driveway project enquiry we will plan and discuss your requirements with you, discussing all options to ensure that you have the best choice of kerbing and drainage, if required. We guarantee a very neat and highly attractive smooth finish to your driveway. All costs will be outlined in our quotation and reviewed in detail to ensure the project budget is strictly adhered to throughout ensuring our customers will not be hit with a single penny of extra charges (unless extra work has been requested to be carried out, at which stage costs will be agreed.)

What makes us different is that all our work is guaranteed, we ask for no upfront payment so you can have peace of mind and final payment is not due until the work is completed to your satisfaction.
We know you will be delighted with your new tarmac driveway or surface, so give us a call to discuss your arrangements. We would love to hear from you.

So what is tarmac?

Tarmacadam is a bituminous material used in durable paving, also known as Tarmac, Asphalt or Macadam but they all mean the same thing. Tarmac is comprised of a binder / adhesive, known as bitumen, which is heated and mixed with crushed aggregate. This is then hot-laid, by machine, compacted and then allowed to cool to form a durable, hard-wearing surface.
Tarmacadam is suitable for areas to be used by vehicles, such as roads, car parks and drives. Tarmacadam can also be used for paths. In general, whenever possible, all works are machine-laid. Such exceptions include small areas for example some areas off a private drive or confined spaces when laying a footpath. We will decide which is the most appropriate laying method to use when we come a look at your requirements.

"When it comes to surfacing, we've got it covered!"
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